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Trustpole can fabricate poles with any combination and arrangement of tubes, ferrules, spigots and many other fittings to suit any pole-top construction.  Fittings can easily be specified using dedicated 3D software.

Trustpole can also Manufacture the most extensive range of concrete poles in Jordan. Production flexibility allows concrete trust-poles to be purpose-built for the actual conditions demanded by the design.

Delivery can be made at short notice, reducing the need for customer stock-holding.

 A manufacturing process allows the production of  high strength poles with tapered sides and  embed-ded reinforcement cages. The  manufacturing process also allows poles to be  pre-stressed for ultimate design strength and stiffness.

Trustpole manufactures concrete poles in strategically located factories operating under a certified quality management system that conforms to the requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standard. Routine sample testing provides im-portant feedback to in-house struc-tural engineers, enabling constant improvement of design efficiency.

EN 10080 Steel for the Reinforcement of                 Concrete

JIS R 5210 Portland Cement

EN 196 Methods of Testing Cement

EN 12843 Precast Concrete Products – Masts                  and Poles

 Economical, low maintenance, best strength-to-weight ratio with unsurpassed durability

Why TrustPOLE? Quality assurance and  Testing of poles Some of the standards Applied

Quality Power Poles

Our Engineers can simulate and help you find the best customized pole for your requirement using several Computer aided programs that simulate the reality.

Stress Analysis, Safety Factor and many other simulations are customized based on our customers needs and requirements.

Product Analysis and  3D Simulation

Stress Analysis

JIS A  5373 Precast Prestressed Concrete                     Products

JIS G 3538 Hard Drawn Steel Wire for                    Prestressed Concrete

EN 1992-1-1 Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete                      Structures

EN 10138-3 Prestressing Steels, Part-3:                     Strand