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 TrustPoles by GlobalSmart driven by high ability of  producing poles,the campany have an  experiance of 10 years for concrete spining products in many fields. The manufacturing process creates hollow,  steel-reinforced concrete poles of great  strength and relatively light weight, by spinning the mould at high speed, and the innovative Pre-stressed Concrete pipes that are manufactured to withstand pressure, have great durability and make a strong competitor in the market.


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The power poles are designed and manufactured  to provide a long, trouble-free life.  Many Types of  testing and in-service performance provide a  predictable and secure support structure for  overhead powerlines.Also we developed other  types of poles from composite for other applications.

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 High-strength, low-permeability concrete  produces a highly durable product, even in harsh  condi-tions such as acid-sulphate soils and  marine environments. Minimum service life of 50 years is typical Impervious to termite infestation Project cost savings can be relied on through .extended asset life. In  high salinity, the service life of  Trustpoles can  be significantly extended by the addition of  corro-sion inhibitor in the concrete mix, which  protects the steel reinforcement against chlorides Stainless steel butt plates, epoxy coatings and other physical measures are also available.

Cheap, fast and efficient installation by the direct embedment method in an augured hole.  No need for expensive mass concrete footings in most soil conditions.

Longer poles can be manufactured in sections and bolted together on site, reducing the mass and length of individual components.

In low strength or unstable soils, poles can be mounted on a driven concrete pile, permitting installa-tion in ground conditions that may otherwise require a very large, expensive slab footing or pile cap. Full technical support on installation and embedment is available.

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