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TrustPole spining  technology in addition to concrete additive put concrete pole on main com-petetion in market.. Poles can be purpose-designed to meet specific requirements.  A wide range of  pole lengths and strength designations  are available - from 8.0m to 50.0m and .5kN up to 300kN ultimate tip load power trustpole are available in two design ranges: The Reinforced Con-crete Poles and the Prestressed Concrete Poles

Provides a cost-efficient product,  typically suited to shorter length  and lower strength poles where  deflection is not a primary consideration.

Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Poles


Trustpole Concrete Poles

A more specialized pole designed  to limit de-flection and maximize  performance and durability in longer length poles and where high  and sustained loads apply. Typically suited to high voltage .

Pre-Stressed Concrete Poles